My name is Paul Paulson and thank you for visiting MoneyKeg.  I’ve been studying money, investing and economics for over 20 years.  My intention is to provide bullshit free information on personal finance for people who wish to sift through the plethora of information on the web.

My Story

I was born in Northern New Jersey, approximately 15 miles west of Manhattan.  My parents were administrators in both public and private health facilities.  As a kid of working parents, I experienced the middle class lifestyle, with its inevitable ups and downs.

I graduated from a public high school and attended college in Boston.  Four years later, I enrolled in law school.  Looking back, I can see the reasons for my entrance into this field – and it wasn’t because I gave it an incredible amount of thought.  In fact, making a career decision like this eventually proved to be too much for my teenage self to adequately assess.  In 1994, I passed both the New York and New Jersey bar exams.  Then my education began.

About 4 weeks after passing the Bar, I had my first jury trial.  It was an exciting time, living in the mid 1990’s in my mid 20’s.  Practicing law however, was not what I envisioned.  Following countless court rules, hustling business, and assuming my client’s stress was simply not to my liking.  I guess I just wanted it to be easy; for clients to beat down my door; judges and colleagues to tell me how intelligent I was; and to deposit very large checks into my bank account.  After a short while, I understood being a trial attorney was not my calling.  Being an attorney however, exposed me to a great many things.  From these, my path led to the financial services industry.

I am not going to tell you how great I was at selling life insurance or mutual funds.  The truth is, I was terrible at selling these products.  Something just didn’t add up to me.  I would ask myself, “why would someone pay 3% of their money in fees and there was no guaranteed returns?  In fact, you could actually lose money if you trusted these guys.”

But it was training to sell financial products that led me to the inevitable conclusion there is no panacea.  There is no “right answer” or “cure all” product that saves everyone from themselves.  But my curiosity was peaked, and it literally led me on a fact finding journey that continues to this day.  This journey revealed some pretty sketchy situations unfortunately, most of which I will share with you on this site.  If there is a silver lining (and there always is), it’s that I am able to share my findings with you so that you can go into the financial realm with understanding and a healthy dose of cynicism.


My Purpose

Although my career in the financial services industry lasted for only a couple of years, the damage was done as I drifted down the rabbit hole so to speak.  In my pursuit, I lived a normal middle class life,  – marriage, taxiing my kids to and from their activities, running my own specialty finance firm, home ownership and maintenance, and the occasional round of golf.

Raising my children has been by far the most challenging of all endeavors.  As I try to impart what I call “wisdom nuggets” to my children, I am frustrated at their lack of interest.  I understand their lack of interest, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating.  You see, the things I have uncovered are very important to all of us.  Those who say that money is not important simply don’t understand that money is essential to our survival in our current economic system.  So unless they change human nature, these are the rules we are all playing by.  So it would make sense to know the rules, right?

Well, unfortunately, the rules are not taught in school.  So many people are unaware of the rules, nor may they be receptive to the message (eg. my kids).  The message is this – when it comes to money, we are all playing a game – a fascinating game involving the interactions between people and other entities.

So my purpose is to impart these wisdom nuggets to you in the hope you are able to receive the message and benefit from it.  Perhaps when my kids are ready, they will visit this site and benefit as well.


My Medium

The internet has meant a great deal of things to different people.  To me, the internet is the “great equalizer”.  That is, the easy access to information enables anyone to learn for him/herself all there is to know about money.  Couple this with some real world experience and you have a very powerful combination.

I am grateful to be able to use this medium to share my views on money and life and exchange ideas with my readers.  I hope you enjoy reading MoneyKeg and thank you for listening.


Paul Paulson

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